What can you find on 3DmKits online marketplace?


Certainly, each of us likes to find new, interesting places where we can buy things that interest us. Nowadays, we are also increasingly looking for alternative solutions that will save us time and money. That is why we would like to present you an interesting shop with 3D models – 3DmKits, which will surely appeal to all lovers of this type of technology. In the offer of this store you will find a wide selection of 3D models that can be used for both commercial and professional projects. If you are a professional 3D graphic designer, it is worth visiting this store and familiarizing yourself with the offer, because you will certainly find something for yourself there.

Ready 3D models offered by this company can be prepared at various levels of detail and accuracy. Depending on what type of models we choose and for what purposes they are intended, they can be prepared both for professionals working in large professional studios and for individual creators.
3D models that are intended for professionals working in large studios are usually carefully made and thought out because they must meet high quality requirements. They are prepared by experienced 3D modelers and can contain many details and details to enable their use in professional film, advertising, etc. projects.

On the other hand, 3D models intended for individual creators may be less detailed and accurate. They are often intended for people who want to create projects for their own use or for not very demanding clients.

It should be remembered that the quality and detail of the finished 3D models depends on many factors, such as the experience and skills of the modelers, the tools they use, and the purpose for which the models are intended.

Will I find kitbash 3D models in the 3DmKits store?

Yes, in this online store you will find a wide selection of 3D models for kitbashing that can be a perfect addition to your collections or the perfect material for creating new, original projects. Kitbash 3D models created by 3DmKits are specially designed models that allow you to create various types of constructions, so you are free to experiment and enjoy unlimited creative possibilities. In their online store you will also find detailed information on individual models,  thanks to which it will be easier for you to make a choice.

Can I find low poly 3D models on this marketplace?

Yes, on this online store you will find a wide selection of low poly 3D models, which are ideal for those looking for simple, but at the same time elegant and modern models. Low poly 3D models are models with a low number of polygons, which are characterized by a simple, but at the same time very attractive form. When creating their assets, the 3DmKits team always pays attention to the number of polygons and topography of their models. Therefore their assets are suitable both for games and film industry.

Can I use these 3d models in video game production?

Of course, as we mentioned the 3D models from 3DmKits can be used in the production of video games. Many people decide to buy them because they are of high quality but often also low poly, which is why they are easy to use in various types of projects. Their assets are an ideal solution for game developers, as they allow them to quickly and easily create various types of game elements using kitbashing. Thanks to this, you can significantly reduce the time needed to produce a game, which is very important in an industry where every second counts. In their shop you will find a wide selection of 3D models, thanks to which it will be easy for you to find the ones that best meet your expectations and needs. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the online store and purchase high-quality 3D models that will certainly be useful in the production of video games.

Can I make a ready-made 3D city scene with their building models?

Yes, the offer includes whole sets of models that allow you to build urban infrastructure. They can be used to create 3D virtual cities or to simulate various scenarios of city development in the future. So it doesn’t require a lot of commitment and time, because we already have models of all buildings, streets, bridges, parks, etc., including various details such as lighting, trees, cars, etc. All the work here comes down to kitbashing.

What architectural style are the city building kits made in?

Depending on the kit you choose, you can use them to create 3D virtual cities in different styles, such as sci-fi, dystopian (for example “Fall” kit or “Dystopia”) or fantasy.

Creating such a city from ready-made building models does not require any special knowledge of modeling tools and the ability to use them. It is only necessary to plan and design the layout of the city, taking into account various details such as street layout, arrangement of buildings, parks, etc.

Creating a 3D city in a scifi, dystopian, or fantasy style also requires defining elements that are characteristic of the style, such as futuristic buildings, spaceships, futuristic vehicles, etc. for scifi style, or dilapidated buildings, degraded streets, etc. for dystopian style. All these items are included in the kit. It is also possible to use various special effects in post-production, such as smoke or fire.

What are the characteristics of 3D terrain scenes from 3DmKits?

They are usually prepared to be ready for rendering, which means that they already contain renderer and lighting settings. Thanks to this, they can be easily used to create various projects, without having to have a lot of knowledge about 3D programs or the ability to use them.

However, keep in mind that ready-made 3D terrain scenes are usually very general and do not contain details about specific places.

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