Executive talent sourcing – how to find skilled candidates with executive recruitment software

Executive recruitment software has many advantages but it is also a prominently useful tool for talent sourcing executives. Thus, experienced head-hunters utilize it as one of the top ways to source candidates.

Candidate sourcing is tremendously vital to executive search. Client companies hire executive search firms for their skills and experience in sourcing candidates and matching the best-qualified executives with the job roles.

But there is immense competition in recruiting, and especially in executive search. The positions being promoted have strategic value in the company hierarchy being targeted towards senior executives and C-suite executives. So it can be quite a battle to find the best among a handful of high-calibre executives for the few roles that have to be filled.

Active and passive executive candidates

The first and foremost thing about talent sourcing is to understand the value of both active and passive executives. Head-hunters know that active candidates are easier to approach and engage. But the search for the perfect candidate does not end with a list of such candidates.

In executive search, the priority is always the client company. Therefore, the hiring company’s criteria, needs and demands will take precedence over any executive. The candidate has to be the perfect match in terms of skills, experience, qualifications and what they can bring to the role and the company.

So limiting this search to active executive candidates is adverse to great candidate sourcing. Head-hunters must turn to passive candidate sourcing as a means to expand their talent search.

And executive recruitment software is the tool that helps head-hunters and their talent acquisition teams to achieve better talent sourcing.

Passive candidates are those who stay under the radar and are not actively seeking a change or looking for new opportunities. It can be hard to approach passive candidates in any type of recruitment. In executive search, it can be even harder because the candidates are top-level executives. They are usually busier as they have more responsibilities. This means the usual channels of finding, identifying and reaching out to them might not work.

Alternatives to social media executive candidate sourcing

There are different ways of sourcing candidates but social media remains at the top of the list. LinkedIn is the number one platform that head-hunters use for sourcing top talent.

But it is time to look for LinkedIn alternatives. Because it is a limited platform when it comes to finding and engaging the best executives.

This is mostly because if head-hunters and their teams trust only LinkedIn and use it as a primary candidate sourcing tool then they might leave out a huge amount of passive candidates.

Executives who are actively seeking new opportunities will check their profiles and messages. But there are different scenarios to consider for the passive executives. They might be too busy to check their LinkedIn profile. They might ignore the InMails. Their profiles might not be updated.

So, what are the LinkedIn alternatives for head-hunters? Is executive recruitment software capable of supporting both passive and active candidate sourcing?

If executive search firms have next-generation recruitment software then the simple answer is yes.

Using executive recruitment software for better candidate source

Sourcing top talent becomes easier and more efficient with a good CRM executive search tool. It integrates perfectly with various professional networking platforms like Xing, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, etc. This helps expand the executive search software to expand across the globe.

There are many good recruiting software systems available. But to benefit from superior talent sourcing, head-hunters need a sophisticated executive search CRM software system. Such software will help expand the search – meticulously searching for as many criteria as needed. From a certain skillset to qualifications and experience to diversity and location, using an executive recruiting tool is likely to both expand and narrow the search. This allows head-hunters to find many skilled candidates as quickly as possible. It also helps focus on the best-qualified executives so that the shortlisting process is easier for both recruiters and clients.

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