Small Asset Tracking Device for Cargo and Vehicle GPS

Best asset tracking devices

Best Small Asset Tracking Devices

When it comes to protecting your company’s assets, the best small asset tracking device is your best bet for GPS location and environmental oversight. These smart gadgets can fit in the palm of your hand but deliver an amazing array of accurate data points that tell you everything you need to know about anything your business invests in. From vehicles to tools, product shipments to large equipment, asset trackers give you more than peace of mind. They give you the type of protection you need to keep things running smoothly and prevent security issues cost a lot in the long run.

Multiple Tech Solutions for Asset Tracking

What type of tracking devices do you need for your specific situation? A wide variety of up-to-date tech solutions exist that offer everything from accurate sensors for temperature and humidity to basic GPS functions. Some of the most important considerations to make when choosing one or more of these product types is the battery life and communication and connectivity system. However, there are many more well-integrated options that offer features as diverse as the needs of the brand who invest in them.

Choose a GPS tracker with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) popular for wireless communication or ones that have longer range connectivity options so you can track things in real time more successfully. The ability to get information in the office or on your smart phone make everything easier. Battery life can range up to five years and more so you do not have to replace the small asset tracking device in order to get the same great service. There are even rechargeable models available if you want a more sustainable system.

Benefits of a Small Asset Tracking Device

When you choose one of the small asset tracking device options available from a trusted brand, you get many benefits that help your company thrive. The size of these devices makes them easy to hide from view, which decreases the chance of them being tampered with or stolen. Also, the portability helps if you want to take it off the vehicle, out of the shipment, or away from the other asset and bring it to the office for processing or maintenance.

The overall advantages of using trackers like these cannot be understated. They give you essential information about where your asset is, how it is being used or handled, and more. The specific IOT device you choose depends largely on the type of equipment, vehicle, or cargo you want to keep track of. No matter what you value, these small gadgets can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Every Asset Deserves Smart IoT Trackers

Companies across all industries and niches have many unique assets they want to protect. A logistics business or a rental car company needs to keep an eye on their vehicles to keep them safe and operating in the best ways for maximum profit. Manufacturers or import/export companies may want to track shipments and cargo as it travels from source to warehouse or retail establishment over the road, by sea, or by air. Service companies have expensive equipment that moves about from place to place based on project needs. The best asset tracking devices can help protect all of these things and more.

IOT trackers use GPS to track the location of assets in real time. This is an essential part of operating many different types of businesses successfully. Whether your needs focus on cargo or cars, shipment containers or electronic equipment, knowing exactly where everything is at any time improve security and prevents loss through theft or damage. No matter how many small asset tracking devices you need to cover everything, it is a small investment in comparison to the losses you could face without them in action.

Consider Custom Asset Tracking for Your Brand

What type of information do you need about your company’s assets in order to operate with the highest level of efficiency, security, and success? The answer to this question is as different as all the unique industries and niches doing business in the world today. These asset trackers are not only designed for transportation companies or logistics firms. They may be the first ones to consider this type of technology as an essential part of operations, but they are not the only ones who can benefit from gathering an array of data.

Fleet tracking offers protection and boosts productivity for any company that operates multiple vehicles. Whether you focus on large trucks, vans, or company cars, give yourself the ability to know where they are, if they are operating well, and if you can improve routes or schedules in any way.

Heavy equipment operators or any company that has large machinery in operation at different sites also need the protection of GPS location. While theft of bulldozers, tractors, and other construction or agricultural equipment is not a common problem, these pieces of machinery or vehicles represent a very large investment into the success of your business. Tracking these assets improves visibility and maximizes utilization to prevent wasted time and lost money.

Any firm who rents out equipment, vehicles, mobile storage containers, or skips also needs a way to oversee movement and use at any moment. The best asset tracking devices help you keep things secure, track use hours for billing purposes, and manage delivery and return pickup schedules with ease.

If you do not find a perfect solution for you from our existing high-quality small asset tracking device selection, contact us for customization options. As a direct manufacturer of IOT solutions, we have what it takes to create the perfect trackers for your needs.

Need help with your asset tracking needs? EELink Tech offers a wide range of both pre-build and custom solutions for GPS location, temperature, humidity, shock, movement, and more. Protect your shipments, vehicles, equipment, and tools with the latest technology.

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