Common demolition mistakes you should be aware of

Whole and selective demolition services are the primary services that demolition companies Vancouver offer you today.  Demolition is not just about bringing a structure down and leveling the site for the new construction. There is more to this service than what meets the naked eye. Before demolition, the civil contractor has to take care of many things such as safety to the people & properties around, and safety to the environment.

Listed below are some of the common mistakes that may happen during a demolition activity on your site. It is good to be aware of these mistakes, as it will help you exercise caution when choosing a demolition contractor.

Not managing the debris properly

It is quite disappointing that many demolition contractors think that cleaning up the debris is not that important. Though it comes under the category of post-demolition, cleanup of the site is equally (if not more) important than the actual demolition activity itself. Many demolition projects have gone wrong because debris such as glass, wood, plastic and other materials get mixed up. Categorizing the trash as recyclable and non-recyclable is the most important step that a demolition contractor must perform.

Time and climate of demolition

With the help of advanced tools and equipment, it may take just a few minutes to bring down a huge building today. However, the activity can cause a lot of damage if you don’t choose the right time and climatic conditions to plan the demolition. More often than not, demolition contractors plan for their activity during the day, so that they can see things clearly. However, some also plan to demolish during the nighttime to cause minimal disturbance to the surroundings. If your contractor plans to demolish your building during the night, make sure the company sets up all the lighting in place, so that they can carry out the demolition without any hassles.

Before planning for the demolition, you should also check the climatic conditions in your locality. Please proceed only if the weather is clear and bright. Demolishing a site during heavy winds or cyclones can cause many problems not only during demolition, but also during site-cleanup activity post demolition.

Not analyzing the surroundings properly

Amateur demolition contractors often don’t plan appropriately before demolishing a structure. This can cause a lot of damage to the people and properties nearby. Sometimes, during demolition, the demolished building’s parts fall with great force, causing fatal injuries to the people in the vicinity. Also, these parts can fall on an adjacent building, leading them to crack and get destroyed. You will be in great trouble and held liable for these damages, if you don’t choose the right demolition contractors Vancouver.

Sometimes, the dust and smoke that emit from the demolition, spread quickly to the neighborhood, causing a lot of pollution in the area. Therefore, before planning for the demolition, the company must first analyze the surroundings properly and choose the proper demolition tools to carry out safe and & hygienic demolition.

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