An overview of the Demolition Types

When you hire a demolition company Vancouver to take down your commercial or residential building, it will first review the structure of the building and the neighborhood. After taking into account the basics, the company then decides on the method of demolition to be adopted. The demolition method is chosen wisely, so that the post-demolition work can be done in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Here is a list of the different types of demolition methods that companies adopt when you call them to bring down your building.

  • Interior Demolition

Here, the interiors of a building are demolished, while the exteriors are kept safe and well-preserved. Demolition companies resort to this type during renovations, usually.

  • Selective Demolition

As the name indicates, this process involves demolishing a selected portion of a building while keeping the other parts of the building intact. In this type, some selected portions of interiors or exteriors are demolished by keeping the other parts and neighborhood safe.

  • Dismantling

Also known as deconstruction, this process is slightly more complex than demolition. Here, different components of the building are dismantled, so that that they can be recycled or refurbished for later use,

  • Total Demolition

In this method, the entire structure of the building is demolished for different purposes. For demolition, different methods are applied, which we will see in the below sections

  • Mechanical Demolition

This process makes use of big and small machines to bring down different parts of the building. While huge excavators with multiple attachments are used to bring down the bigger portions of the building, simple tools like steel loaders are used to bring down the smaller portions of the building.

  • Implosion

This method uses explosives to bring down a building. Demolition companies rarely make use of this method, because of safety concerns. Here, explosives are used to bring down a structure completely, only after analyzing its structural elements and the neighborhood. The structure is made to fall in its own footprint or along a predefined path, in this way.

  • Crane & Wrecking Ball

Considered one of the earliest methods of demolition, the crane & wrecking ball method was used to demolish all types of buildings. Here, a giant ball was elevated on a crane to bring down buildings. However, this method is not carried out anymore because of safety reasons.

  • Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic machines are used for demolition in this method. Here, the process is silent and it has a lot of advantages. The burster is used to drill holes in the concrete structure of the building to bring it down. As the burster drills more and more holes, the structure can be removed easily.

  • Pressure Bursting

Mostly, demolition companies resort to pressure bursting, because there is a lot less mess this way. It is also a dust-free and noise-free process. This process can be done chemically or mechanically. Both the processes use advanced and sophisticated equipment, so they may be more costly than other methods of demolition.

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